The QPPC New Member Development program has been designed to assist prospective new members gain an understanding of the shooting sports, and the requirements of club membership, the weapons licencing process, and firearms ownership in general.

If you are a person interested in the shooting sports, and one that meets the club’s membership eligibility criteria, then you must attend a New Member Development (NMD) Intake program.  The NMD Intakes commence in the last week of January and July respectively, and are held once a month on a Wednesday night between 7pm and 9pm. The NMD program sessions provide the opportunity for you to meet members of the club, and to participate in modified pistol matches to allow you to gain an understanding of the types of sporting shooting activities conducted at the club’s weekly competition matches.

If you are an unlicenced person, the NMD provides the perfect environment for you to learn about the club, the club’s rules, the types of competition events on offer, and the capability of the club’s facility.  It is a Weapons Licencing requirement that persons wanting to obtain a Category ‘H’ (Handgun) licence be a member of a pistol club, and having completed a six-month probation period with that club in the QPPC case the NMD Intake program.  During your NMD program a variety of topics, and activities, will be covered to provide and appropriate introduction into, both, the QPPC, and Queensland Weapons Licensing requirements.

The types of topics covered include:-

  • The History of the QPPC
  • The Club’s Facility
  • Introductory shoots
  • Weapons Safety Courses
  • Membership
  • Guns and Gear
  • Holster Proficiency Testing
  • Competition Matches
  • Reloading Equipment
  • Load Development
  • Pistol Coaching

Following successful completion of the NMD program you will transition to weekly competition and which matches you attend will be based on both your own level of confidence with the matches conducted, and also with the appropriate encouragement from members who have coached and mentored your development.

For full details regarding membership to the QPPC please refer to the ‘Membership’ page available through this website.

New Member Development Program