Law Enforcement Activities Division

After considerable negotiation the SSAA Law Enforcement Activities Division and its associated matches has been approved by SSAA.

Attached are the SSAA approved rules for the SSAA Law Enforcement Activities (LEA) Discipline Australian Police Service Match (APSM). Please note that there is no change to the course of fire or how the match is conducted at club level. The new APSM rules have replaced the anomalies in the APSPC Rules (eg. Divisions, Range jury of Div 1 Captains) which have no relevance to how the match is conducted except at the APSPC (‘the Nationals’). The APSM rules reflect how the QPPC usually conducts the match at club level and ensures members and visitors are covered by SSAA insurance.

NRA Police Pistol Combat (PPC) matches are now also covered by SSAA Insurance and approved by SSAA for club use subject to not using the B27 humanoid targets in matches. Accordingly the APSM target can be used in our PPC competitions (with X ring overlays).

The QPPC LEAD Holster course has also been approved by SSAA. (Copies attached)

Please note that any respective State legislation and National Firearm Agreements relating to limitations on calibre size, barrel length and magazine capacity remain in effect which may limit our ability to participate in the full suite of NRA matches which may otherwise be available. Eg. PPC off-duty matches are not authorised. This position is consistent with several other NRA matches conducted by other SSAA disciplines.


SSAA LEA National Discipline Chairman


LEAD – APSM Rules – Interim 2015 – Final – for publication (21 May 2016)

LEAD Holster Course Oct 2015 – Candidates Copy

LEAD Holster Test Record Sheet Oct 2015


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