Australian Police & Service Pistol Championship Rules June 2020

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Australian Police & Service Match


Australian Police and Service Match is shot using both Revolver and Semi-Automatic pistols chambered in either 38 Special (Revolver), 38 Super, or 9mm (Semi-Auto), and a total of 90 rounds are used.



50 Metres

The first stage is shot at 50 metres and is limited to 2 minutes 45 seconds.  In the first part the shooter must lie prone and fire 6 shots on target 4, reload, assume the sitting or kneeling position, fire 6 shots on target 3, reload, move to the right side of the barricade, fire 6 shots on target 2, reload, move to the left side of the barricade, and fire 6 shots on target 1.

25 Metres

The second stage is shot over a distance of twenty-five metres and has a total of thirty-six rounds in it. The first timed series is 15 seconds in which to fire the next six rounds on the right side of the barricade (T4). The second series is the same except from the left side of the barricade (T3). The final series is a total of twelve shots, this time, 6 shots from each side of the barricade with reloading in the middle. 35 seconds is allowed for this final series.

After the targets are scored, another twelve rounds are shot from the twenty five metre distance. First, six shots at target 1 in 7 seconds, then 2 shots each at targets 2, 3, and 4 in 7 seconds. This section is shot standing free from the barricade.

10 Metres

This stage involves 3 separate sequences, the first being to fire 6 shots in only 5 seconds on target 4.  The second sequence is harder, requiring the shooter to fire 3 shots with the right hand only, followed by 3 shots with the left hand only (or vice versa) on target 3 in 8 seconds.  The final sequence requires the shooter to fire 3 shots on target 1 followed by 3 shots on target 2 in just 5 seconds.

7 Metres

In the last stage the shooter is only 7 metres away from the target and must fire 3 shots on each of 2 nominated targets, reload, and repeat in any order in 12 seconds.