Welcome to the Queensland Police Pistol Club

The Queensland Police Pistol Club Inc. (QPPC) was originally established in 1963 as the Pistol Activities Section of the Queensland Police Rifle Club by a group of officers seeking to improve their knowledge and skill in relation to their Service-related handguns.  Since that time the QPPC has formed part of the Australian Police Pistol Association, and teams from all member clubs compete at an annual championship event hosted by state and territory police pistol clubs across the country.

The main focus of the QPPC has historically been the Australian Police and Service Match, which is a marksmanship event consisting of 90 rounds in total and fired across several stages ranging in distance from 50 metres to 7 metres (the full match can be viewed on the ‘match’ page).  The APSM is the marksmanship match that is contested at National Championship level as previously described.  The QPPC also has the ability to run the more dynamic pistol shooting disciplines such as ‘Practical Pistol’ and ‘Action Match’.

If you are a police officer and are interested in becoming involved in the pistol shooting sports the QPPC can offer you the opportunity to participate in organised matches in a safe environment.  This opportunity is also extended to civilian members of the QLD Police Service and members of QPS employees immediate families.  A New Member Development program is conducted each second Sunday and provides prospective members the opportunity to meet current members and participate in an introductory shoot.  These days are also utilised to provide any advice or relevant assistance in relation to the Weapons License application process, and of course membership to the QPPC.

Please be advised that the QPPC is considered a ‘special interest’ sporting club which means that membership is restricted to members of the QLD Police Service, family members of members of the QLD Police Service, retired and or previous sworn members of the QLD Police Service, members of other law enforcement/emergency service agencies, and other persons at the the discretion of the QPPC Committee of Management who may be considered for associate or honorary membership only.  Persons who have no affiliation with the QLD Police Service in the aforementioned manner, or other law enforcement/emergency service agencies, can NOT be considered for membership under Section 11.3 of the QLD Police Service Management Support Manual.